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Food Science and Technology Department was developed based science and technology in the field of food processing, handling of agricultural production, nutritional improvement and entrepreneurship. The student of food science and technology department was directed able to mastery the knowledge about food analysis, process control, food safety, physical properties and food chemistry, during handling raw material, processing,  preservation, storage and marketing than became a quality production (nutritious, healthy, safety and halal). The students are also equipped the knowledge about product development accordance with consumer needs, as products much the antioxidant, high in fiber,  functional food etc which has high economic value.

During study the students were equipped soft skill through extracurricular activities than able to develop their skill in work to society or industry. The graduate from this department was worked at food industry that manages agriculture product (agriculture, animal husbandry, fishery, and plantation), in department (education, cooperation, commerce, agriculture, industry, bulog, health, and banking), food supervisor in hospital/hotel/company, retail food product, waste handling, and can be a reliable self-employment. Food Science and Technology Department supported 3 laboratories (chemistry-biochemistry laboratory, microbiology laboratory, and engineering of food) and laboratory support (Biotechnology laboratory, Agrotechnology laboratory, agribusiness laboratory, fishery laboratory, and animal husbandry laboratory).