Education Concentration

Since the department in Law Faculty was eliminated, based on SK Mendikbud No. 17/DO/1993 about the change of higher education curriculum, so FH UMM develops several concentration programs as follows: 
  1. Islamic Law Concentration
  2. Business Law Concentration
  3. HTN-HAN Concentration
  4. Practitioner Concentration


Based on Curriculum Seminar in 2010, there is a change of concentration name and adding one new concentration, as follows: 

  1. Islamic and Economy Sharia Law Concentration
  2. Civil and Business Law Concentration
  3. Procedural and Practitioner Law Concentration
  4. HTN-HAN Concentration
  5. Criminal Law Concentration


UMM Law Faculty has developed Law Laboratory that has been pioneered since 1993. It is expected that the development can support learning and teaching activity that has been more oriented into applied approach. The divisions which have been and is being developed, includes; education and Training Division, Service and Legal Aid Division, and Documentation Center and Law Information Division handled by Consultation and legal service Laboratory (LKPH) of Law Faculty. In 2005, it has been reformed structurally and functionally, it is separated into two parts, Law Laboratory that handles the problem of PLKH, Practicum, and Internship, while BKBH is separated independently and directly become the Technical Unit Executive of UMM that has legal service function both internally and externally, besides, it also has a function to guide the student in advocacy and legal service. 


Simultaneously with many Law Faculty progress in holding Practicum Course program, PKLH, Internship, so starting from 2009, it has been done laboratory management change consisting of the Head of Law Laboratory assisted by division coordinator of  PLKH and Practicum Division, and Internship Division Coordinator, besides, Law Laboratory is assisted by an administration staff, 5 (five) instructures, and around 15 assistants who are specially recruited from the student with minimum sixth semester student. BEsides, academic and student development is done in various kinds of programs, through seminar, workshop, Training and Research, Clinical studies, internship, etc.