Basis and Purpose

UMM Law Faculty holds higher education which is in accordance with the policy of the government as stated in the law No. : 2 in 1989 About National Education System; the Government Regulation No. : 66 in  2010 About the Management and Implementation of Education, Qoidah of Muhammadiyah Higher Education and the Statuta of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang. Generally, the management of higher education at UMM is intended to prepare human resources to be the member of society who has academic ability with sufficient professional skill, that can apply and develop knowledge, technology, and culture in accordance with the demand of Islam. Based on that fact, the purposes that wants to be achieved by UMM are:  
  1. Generating a moslem bachelor who is noble, capable, confident, and useful for the society and country. 
  2. Generating a moslem that can accomplish good deeds for the realization of society and the Republic of Indonesia.


Meanwhile, the specific purposes that are intended to be achieved by the Law Faculty of UMM is to prepare student to be the Law Bachelor:

  1. Having good morality, independence, and full of confidence which are useful for the society and religion, by having professionalism spirit in law area.
  2. Mastering Indonesian law of scientific foundation and basic work skill to develop law science and law itself. 
  3. Recognizing and being sensitive to the justice and social problem and being able to analyze law problem in the society. Being able to use it as the facility to solve social problem politely based on the principle of religion, justice, and law.


To reach those purposes, the Law Faculty of UMM enganges dinamically and constructively based on the vision and mission that is crystallized in Catur Dharma of Muhammadiyah Higher Education, they are:

  1. The development of faith and good morality;
  2. The management of education and teaching development;
  3.  The management of research in order to develop culture especially in knowledge, technology, education, and art, also increase and deepen research of Islamic knowledge as an effort to get truth to be accomplished;
  4. The management of community service.