General Information

Department of International Relationship purposed to learn the international phenomenon and the relation between state and non-state in international system, including International Governmental Organization (IGOs) and International Non Governmental Organizations (INGOs). In order to aim UMM goes International, than the main studies in department on international relationship focused on Asian international relationship studies with main studies is ASEAN and Islamic development in International as the characteristic of Islamic higher education institution.   

This department learn about American region, Europe, and Pacific and the issue around globalization, issue of international domestic (Intermestik), strategies study, international Political economy, terrorism, HAM etc. In order to facilitate the student to develop communication competence, negotiation, and global managerial also foreign language ability, provided supporting institution such as: , Centre for East Asia Studies (CEAS), Centre of Middle Eastern Studies (COMES), Centre of Intermestic Studies (CIS), American Corner, Iran Corner, ACICIS (Australian Concortium for in–Country Indonesian Studies) and foreign language course. The student of international relationship department has the opportunities to be the visitor and researcher student at various universities in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and China.