Health Center


Maintaining good health is very important to finish studying. 
To support the health of UMM students they receive free medical services at UMM Health Center. 
The center is run by doctors and nurses at UMM. 
This health service is located at theMedical Center building (UMC) which was launched by the Indonesian Minister of Health in December 2006.




UMM Medical Center (UMC) is a family doctor health care center which was established by the Medical Faculty.
The University of Muhamadiyah Malang aim is to maintain and improve the community’s health towards 'Healthy Indonesia 2010'. 
UMC received a licence from Dinas Perijinan(Licensing Agency) of Pemkot (City Government) of Malang No. 530.08/0302/35.73.314/2007, dated March 8, 2007.

UMM Medical Center provides health services to the general public based on the family doctor approach model. 
High quality, comprehensive health services are provided at a low cost.

For patients who are not available to get to the UMM Medical Center there are health workers available who can provide the service at home.

The UMM Medical Center includes an examination room, procedure room and a comfortable waiting room. 
It is also supported by modern and comprehensive medical devices such as USG or ultra-sonography, ECG or electro cardiography, ambulance and many other supporting tools which can be used professionally by family members or general physicians.

There are several types of health services available at UMM Medical Centre: (1) Polyclinic Unit, including General Doctor Poly, Specialist Poly, and Dental Health Clinic Poly, (2) Dispensary Unit, (3) Family Health Unit, serving the care and referral services from UKS of Muhammadiyah schools in Malang, pregnancy exercise, childbirth gymnastics, elderly neighborhood health center, children’s growth and development, yoga exercise, healthy independent card for the general public, training for young couple (couples).


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