Vision, Mission and Purpose


Become the leading program of pharmacy studies in conducting the college education of pharmacy which is the best in the field of pharmacy community based on development of science and technology (IPTEK) and Islamic value to increase the competitiveness of nation.


  1. Conducting educational management that trustworthy to improve the academic atmosphere so able to develop the ability, skill, and learning attitude throughout the career.

  2. Conducting academic education and profession, research, and also dedication to society which qualified in community of pharmacy. 

  3. Organizing academic coaching in Islamic life so as to beruswah hasanah pharmacy context.

  4. Organizing cooperation to improve the development of science and technology of pharmacy and institutional whit other parties both at the level of regional, national, or international


  1. To produce graduates who have the knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviors and Islamic science, and have excelled in the field of community-based clinical pharmacy.
  2. Produce graduates who have relevant competence in their field and have the better chance to compete for work in the labor market, both nationally and globally. 
  3. Generate innovative research that reflects the analytical and critical thinking to solve pharmacy problems mainly in pharmacy community.
  4. Producing the community service which has the ability as scientist and Islamic professional and able to increase the quality of social life.
  5. Developing cooperation with the relevant institutions, professional organization, or group of society both on regional, national or international through the programs that can help to solve the problem in the field of pharmacy.