General Information

Pharmacy program established in 2006. This program study cooperated with the faculty of pharmacy university of Airlangga and also joined as member of the association of Pharmacy College Indonesia as an effort to develop the quality of standard education.
The credit that must be taken is 150 sks that can be completed in 8 semesters. For support the scholar quality. The program of Pharmacy studies conduct the learning process by the curriculum based on competence by main content is the community of Pharmacy based on clinical.
As one of the younger program studies in the environment. The department of pharmacy UMM succeeds graduated more than 70% pharmacy graduate on time with a satisfactory predicate.
The professional pharmacist has the wider employment opportunities, especially in pharmaceutical care. Pharmacist as individual can open the drugstore without affected on others parties and  may also work in the hospital as clinical pharmacy, in drug industry as manager production, manager quality control, in medication and food monitoring control, educational institution, research institution, health department, and other department.