General Information

Finance and Banking Diploma III Study Program aims to generate the professional ahli madya (Amd) worker in Finance and Banking. The process of achieving of Ahli Madya is designed no more than (3) three years. To support the objective achievement, the learning process uses curriculum with proportion 60% (percent) practice/practicum and 40% (percent) theory.


Finance and Banking Diploma III Study Program has several facilities, such as Conventional Bank Laboratory (Sharia Mini Bank), Indonesia Stock Exchange Corner (BEI) and Computation Laboratory. This is strenghtened through cooperation with Banking Financial Insitution (Indonersia Bank, BNI Bank, Jatim Bank, BCA Bank, BTN Bank, Mandiri Syariah Bank, Muamalat Bank, and Niaga Bank in East Java region) as the places of learning and field work practice (PKL). The job opportunity of the graduate of Finance and Banking Diploma III includes several sectors such as, sharia conventional banking, Bank Perkreditan Rakyat (BPR), Pertamina, other companies and institutions of the government.