Tentang D3 Keperawatan

UMM Nursing Diploma III Program Obtained A accreditation from the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT). The lecturer qualified as Magister of specialist nursing maternity, community, Infant, and children, Management, Medical surgical and also Mental Health graduated from the famous university domestic and abroad.

The graduate D-3 nursing are spread all over Indonesia, Middle East region, Southeast Asia which is worked in National and International hospital, both in government health institution or private also the companies and the school health units.

The curriculum was updated periodically to reflect the development of nursing institution with the study credit 199 credits and 3 year study period. The students also gain additional charge 16 credits of foreign language equal to Diploma 1.  The support of pleasant and complete library and laboratory so the cooperation with the leading hospital makes the program D-3 steadier to graduate Nursing associate expert that ready to work and face of global competition.

Since its establisment the program of Diploma III of nursing has completed although limited number than in learning procces there are no borries and to the next learning, the D-III nursing program of umm Cooperate with the academi of Nursing deparment RI Malang to administer some speccifict subject, and senior nursing staff in Syaiful Anwar Hospital (also become the practice place) and also from other hospital, so the number of part-time lecturer in 2 next year is around 22 people, in accordance with the spesifications.

Next 2 year, D-III Program of Nursing UMM experienced the first change in leadership and got the extension of licence to operate again during 2 years based on Surat Keputusan Menteri Kesehatan RI HK. 2350, July 14, 1995, based on considerations that the manager/organizer the education of Diploma III Nursing Program UMM  was considere good enough and there is always an attempt to develope the function both to complete the teacher staff or the facilities and infrastucture. Based on that decree on 1996, the allocations of new admissions received additions of 50 people.

In 1996, based on rectorat prudence, the program of Nursing D-III was moved to campus II UMM jl. Bendungan Sutami 188 A, which is according to the next plan will be the center of health education. In that year the program of nuring D-III graduated the first graduate among 38 students.

In 1997, the D-III Nursing Program, based on Kepala Pusat Tenaga Kesehatan Departemen Kesehatan Nomor : HK., get the determination acreditation of strata in level of strata B with the grades 81,11, than in the same year got the license to operate in period increased 4 year and the allocation of students 60 student. The held license the education based on decree of health ministry no: HK. on date december 3, 1997.

In 1998 and 1999, because then development of D-III Nursing program show the increasing, than every year eligible to receive student among 80 student in 2 regular class, in fact obtained based undergraduate level should be able to be custodian of Special Programs, but in 1999 Program D III Nursing provides itself as the custodian of Special Programs Nursing of Mental Hospital Lawang, followed from the agency regional hospital Malang and Aisyiyah Islamic Hospital Malang, in 2003 D-III Nursing Program UMM still administer Special Class Program Agency Regional Hospital Malang, up to 3 generation until now.

In 2001, based on decree of  Minister of Health and Social Welfare RI number: HK., on July 6, 2001, D-III Nursing Program obtain an extension of re-education during the period of 4 (four) years, based on the decree of Center for Health Manpower Education, Department of Health no: HK., on august 16, 2002, obtain accreditation level determination strata A with values​​: 90.00, which is valid for 5 (five) years, the next is eligible to receive a total of 100 new students.  In the same year established new curriculum changes in 1984 to the use of curriculum national 1999, based on Health Ministry RI decision no: HK.00.SJ.SK.VIII.1205 on October 25, 2001, which is applied for all institution of D III nursing program in Indonesia.

Besides that got the permession from Department of National Education no: 45/D/O/2007 on march 29, 2007, so that this program study has been got recognation from department of National Education and Health Department to create proffesional nurs. In 2008 based on the decree of Head of Center Health Personal Education of Health Department, no: HK., on january 30, 2008, got determination of strata acreditation strata level A (value 90,06) which is applicable in 5 (five) years, and entitled to  receive new student amount 100 people. In october 2010 has been counducted acreditation visitas by BAN PT with B value.

Diploma III nursing program has reached the age of 17 old years. The development of diploma III Nursing program growing rapidly, there has been change of leadership of the fifth and the amount of nursing teacher staff about 22 people, with the background of community and 1 lecturer of Nursing Maternity specialists (midwifery), and prepare the staff for S2 nursing study.

Fostered cooperation network is also more widely there are with dr. Syaiful Anwar hospital, Aisyiyah Islamic hospital Malang, Paru hospital Batu, regional general hospital wlingi, Kanjuruhan hospital kepanjen Malang and city health department or regency, central mental hospital lawang, and Pasuruan Hospital. The development of health service, then the network will also be expanded to facilitate cooperation including employment opportunities for graduates. The cooperation with education istitution Malang city in order to develop UKS service in Malang.

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