Student Bureau

To arrange  activity plan and controlling  within the Student Affairs Bureau, encompass interest, talent and environment, reasoning and information system, career development of students and alumni, as well as  students and environment welfare  in supporting the achievement of university’s targets.

1. to plan and control student activities

a. to arrange  Working Program  Plan and Annual Budget (RPKAT) as a guideline of implementation of duties within the Bureau of Student Affairs.

b. to arrange  students’ calendar.

c. to coordinate head of sections  within the bureau environment in implementation of duties in order to establish good cooperation.

d. to provide a direction for head of sections , head of affairs and all staff  within the bureau for smoothing implementation of duties.

e. to do  monitoring and evaluation toward duties of head of section and staff  that accordance with stipulated provision.

f. controlling job atmosphere effectively and efficiently.

g. to make an annual report of activities and budgets  of student affairs as a reference of  decision making of the University head.

h. to do coordination with some related divisions and working units.