Academic Administration Bureau

The Academic Administration Bureau is responsible for several things such as below:


1.      Arrange activity plans and controls within the bureau's environment; Including the field of Education - Teaching and Accreditation, the field re-registration and Management of Academic Administration (MAA), the field of AIK (Islamic and Muhammadiyah) as a founder of PTM (Muhammadiyah Higher Education), and Subjects based on KPT which is Religion (AIK), Pancasila, Citizenship and Bahasa Indonesia in supporting the achievement of the target / target of university and educationcharacter.

2.      Make a plan and control the academic administration activities; Helps to make planning, both administrative and developmental, especially those which are related to the teaching and learning activities, academic administration and the proposed facilities and infrastructure to support the teaching and learning process to createa better academic atmosphere.

3.      Make progress reports every semester about various activities that have been, are and will be done, especially in the field of education and teaching, and the provision of infrastructure for teaching and learning process, and other academic administration issues.

4.      Make a report about data and information realated to PD-Dikti (Higher Education Database)

5.      Coordinate with BPPA for monitoring the study program which is running out of the license period and the validity period of the accreditation, and prepare the application for permit extension of the Study Program and the proposal for new submission.

6.      Coordinate with other units to support the running of duties in BAA.