Inventions on Technology 



No. Technology Product Brief Description
1. PLTMH  
2. PLTS  
3. Biogas Reactor
4. Maleo Phone  
5. Central Processing of Waste into Energy  
6. Non-Grass Rabbit Food  
7. Probiotics for dairy Cows  
8. Chicken In Vitro Fertilization
9. Strain Ayam Badrik  
10. Sex Reversal in Fish  
11. Automative Hatching Machine  
12. Chicken Artificial Insemination  
13. Lowering Machine of Honey Water Content with Pengkabut

Ir. Ahmad Fauzan HS, MT

14. Multi Channel Receiver Antenna using electricity  network R-S-T 110/220 volt (for housing, offices, shops and hotel)

Ir. Diding Suhardi, MT.

15. Calculator Apparatus of Human Heart Rate

Ir. Chasrun Hasani, MT

16. Natural Dye of Red Canna for Drinking Product

Ir. Elfi Anis Saati, MP

17. Shell Processing into Chitosan for Varnish Mixing Material

Ir. Joko Triwanto MP.

Dr. Noor Harini, MS.

18. Cutting and Producing Candy Machine  
19. Obifco (Organic Biofertilizer Compound) Technology Maker  
20. Purification Technology of Used Frying Oil  
21. Automative Screen Printing Machine
22. Technology Development of Azolla Organic Fertilizer  
23. Knife Product Design of Blacksmith