University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) opens a great opportunity for its students to get number of scholarships, whether new students or third semester students and even next of it.

Scholarships For New Students

There are several types of scholarships are provided for new students, namely graduates of Muhammadiyah’s Senior High School (SMA) Scholarships, Orphans Scholarships, Muhammadiyah Organization Scholarships, and Brother in law Scholarships. In addition there are also alumni scholarship, namely scholarships for students with the highest score on New Student Admissions Test (SPMB)  in each faculty.

Scholarship for third Semester Students

In addition to providing scholarships for new students, UMM also collaborates with various parties to distribute scholarships for students in the third and next semesters, namely Djarum Scholarship, Academic Aid Education Improvement Scholarship (BPP-PAA), Toyota Scholarship, Astra Scholarship and Bidik Misi Scholarship.