Badan Perencanaan Pembangunan dan Pengendalian Kampus

1. Conducting planning activities, including:

a.     Preparing supporting documents in the permitting process

b.     Proposals/ feasibility studies for the development planning activities which are "profit-oriented" or derived from external funding sources.

c.     Creating a design concept and basic design of development planning discussion and consultation to leaders and potential users.

d.     Making a drawing plans and works for the work to be carried out.

e.     Determining the technical specifications that will be carried out.

f.      Determining unit price and estimating cost of the work.

2.    Conducting surveillance and controlling the implementation, including:

a.    Having supervision to the quality of work being carried out.

b.    Supervision of the technical specifications that have been determined at the planning stage.

c.    Controlling time of execution of work.

d.    Evaluating the volume of working that has been carried out based on the actual volume which is mounted.

3.    Making approval for submission the terms from Responsible Implementer based on the progress that has been carried out.

4.    Making a recommendation of the value of the work that has been completed to WR II.

5. Performing routine maintenance and incidental to the infrastructure which is already built.