Academic Quality Control Bureau

Academic Quality Control Bureau is the institution which is specified to accomplish control (keep and improve) learning quality. Considering that learning quality is a very important component in improving academic quality; the Rector issued SK No. 2 in 2004, on Pebruary 19th about the establishment of Academic Quality Control Bureau (BKMA).


In the implementation, in this time BKMA is leaded by Prof. Dr. Ir. Noor Harini, MS. She is responsible to coordinate the control of activity quality, human resources and academic facilities also infrastructure in university, also to coordinate academic quality control in faculties.


To facilitate the duties in this bureau so the head of BKMA will be assisted by one secretary who coordinates in the field of secretariat of academic quality control, he is Dr. H. Moch. Agus Kresno, M.Kes, and also some chief of divisions, there are the chief of Quality Control for Academic Resources Division and the chief of Quality Control for Academic Activity Division.

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