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This department organize an ideal model to learn modern agricultural, as biotechnology application, organic farming (paddy, fruits, and vegetables), germination, cultivation of horticultural crops (fruits, vegetables, ornamentals plants, and orchid), industrial plants (oil palm, cane, coffee, tea, rubber, cacao), crops (paddy, corn soybean), landscape architecture and entrepreneurship.

Agrotechnology attempt to create and produce the graduate which was has faith, taqwa, professional and Islamic. Facilities and infrastructure lectures was used multimedia classroom that supported by biotechnology laboratory, culture in vitro, microbiology, land, climatology, seed technology, space for  mushrooms production, agro nursery, agro orchid nursery, green house, hydroponic unit, agricultural plaza, apple orchard, and field for trials (6,3 Ha). Means of mushrooms production, agro orchid nursery, organic garden for plant apple, vegetables and paddy was developed in industrial scale which can be used as part-time worker for student, than the student has the great basic science and mental self-employment. Agrotechnology graduate able to work at government and private companies and also agriculture ministry, plantation agriculture industry, research institution, consultant, entrepreneurship, etc.