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Agribusiness Department was directed for creating the graduate which has competence in the field of agribusiness and entrepreneurship. The student was created to have the independence, managerial ability, analysis, read a business opportunity, social sensitivity, and find the right solution for actual problem, from the upstream industry (agricultural production means; production/farm) until the downstream industry (processing industry, marketing), than able to create job opportunities in the field of agribusiness. This department was supported by facilities and infrastructure, there are ; agribusiness laboratory, farm plaza and university farm, as a vehicle of learning application of business analytics program, production management, marketing entrepreneurship, business communication and community empowerment, including fieldwork practice and work internship in business and industry.

The agribusiness alumni work in various institutions. Beside work as entrepreneur, also able to work in banking, food and drink industry, industrial production suggestion, consultant business sectors that are public or business within the scope of agriculture, company (agriculture, plantation, fishery, forestry), business research institution, assessor/evaluator, agribusiness entrepreneur and other relevant fields.