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Daud Jordan Success Maintain World Champion Title

» Saturday, 10 November 2012 | 09:36 WIB | Viewed: 46529

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Daud Jordan (kiri) saat timbang badan melawan Choijiavnyn Tseveenpurev (ANTARA/Yudhi Mahatma)

VIVAnews - Daud Jordan successfully defend his world featherweight champion after defeating boxers IBO version Mongolia, Choijiavnyn Tseveenpurev. The victory was taken by absolute numbers.

In the fighting that took place at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, Friday, November 9, 2012, the two teams immediately appear aggressive at the beginning of round two. Daud continued to press with straight punches, while Choi rely backlash when the defense of Daud a little slack.

In rounds three and four, Choi was able to the outside of the pressure and push back Daud. The poor defense the defending champion who successfully exploited these challengers.

In the next two rounds, Daud began to find their rhythm again. Many times a combination of punches boxer nicknamed The Stone Choi landed on his face. However, Mongolian boxer was still able to stand despite his stamina began to erode.

Tempo bout decreased in five entering the final round. Daud continued to dominate by throwing a lot of punches, but that does not mean Choi stayed silent. Several times Mongolian boxers left hook that landed on the chin of Daud.

Despite the age of 41 years, Choi appearance in the game is far from disappointing. Boxer the long run boxing career in the UK was performed consistently for 11 rounds, forcing Daud to undergo the final round.

In the final round, Daud continues to look to attack. In fact, the 25-year boxer several times to open the defense for fishing Choi. But the judge rang the bell until the fight was over, no one boxer ever kissed the canvas.

When the announcement of the scores, the three referees in charge Steve Marshall, Bruce McTavish and Cherdchai Srirat provide numbers 117-111, 119-110, 118-110 thus providing an absolute victory for Daud.

With this result, Daud's appearance record to 30 wins and two defeats. IBO world title was still in the waist boxer Indonesia. As for Choi himself, this will be his sixth defeat, with 36 wins, 42 times during a career of fighting. (Umi)

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