Syaria Stock Market needs to optimize

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Friday, April 01, 2011 18:21 WIB

Syaria Stock Market needs to optimize

Friday, 01-04-2011

Yogyakarta- Syaria economy has its time to play greater role in world economy nowadays. Due to failure and decreasing of conventional economy system, now people begin to see Islamic economy as alternative. Lately, syaria’ finance institution is developing and today has established syaria bank, syaria insurance, and syaria pawning. One of which has not beet seen yet is investment on syaria stock market.

The issue is unveiled in stock market seminar “Peluang and Tantangan Pasar Modal Syariah (PMS) (Syaria stock market: opportunity and challenge)” presenting BEI development director Frederica Widyasari Dwi and Budhy S.M Siallagan from e-trading security on Thursday afternoon (31/03) at UMY integrated campus.

According to Budhy, PMS has its values compared to conventional stock market. One of the values is to demolish speculative decision mostly made in conventional stock market.  “There is no concept of speculation in PMS. Fairness or justice is the most important thing. This leads people to pay more attention to PMS by days,” he said.

Further, Budhy affirms that PMS does not against with the Islamic law. Indonesian Ulema council (MUI) has legitimated PMS already. “In Islam, investment is muamalah activity that is to be incited, for investing particular properties would be productive and give benefits to other people. PMS concept in trading stock comes from company running in certain sector fulfilling syaria requirements and free of usury,” he added.  

PMS itself was formally established on March 14, 2003 along with the MOU signing between BAPEPAM-LK and Syaria National Council (DSN) MUI.

Besides, Frederica spots the low interest of people in Indonesia to invest on syaria stock market. Instead, investing is particularly important due to uncertainty and life limitation as well as growing needs for future.

She also mentions that syaria product has greater opportunity to develop in stock market. “Indonesia is country with biggest moslem community that it has great number of prospective investors. Instead, the market share for syaria product is still lower than conventional one, so that the opportunity is widely available,” Frederica said.

BEI Corner UMY Launched

At the same time, Corner of Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) Faculty of Economy UMY 3 in 1. The launching was conducted by Vice of Rector II UMY, Bambang Riyanta., M.T. It was signed by signature tune and MoU signing among UMY, BEI and e-Trading security.

3 in 1 means that BEI corner FE UMY cooperate with 3 parties namely: BEI, the university and security company. Thus, BEI corner UMY does not only provide information but also facilitate direct investment in stock market. By the presence of BEI, students will not only learn the theory but also the practices. As transaction partner at stock market, BEI corner UMY cooperate with e-Trading security. (

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