Muhammadiyah students in North Sumatera reject the pulling down of Al-Ikhlas mosque in the city of Medan

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Sunday, January 08, 2012 16:50 WIB

Medan – (06/ 01/2012) Provincial Executive of Muhammadiyah Student Association (IPM) of North Sumatera, together with Aliansi Umat Islam (Muslim Alliance) did demonstration in front of Mayor Office of Medan. The action was to ask the local government to build again Al-Ikhlas mosque on Jl Timor Medan torn down more than 6 months ago.

“Until now the government cannot explain the legal status of the mosque. It is said that there will be a developer office built on the location,” said Muhammad Iqbal to the editorial office. “The country with Muslim majority should keep and preserve houses of worship for Muslims, not the other way around. The government prioritizes to develop companies and removes mosques existing in the city,” said Iqbal.

“We are from Muhammadiyah Student Association who will lead this country in the future must respond to the matter. We don’t want to be inherited with an immoral country that makes us shoulder huge responsibilities. It is no problem if the government of Medan city wants to build business centers in all regions, but it should not neglect worship houses for Muslim,” he added.

After doing Ashar Prayer in front of the front door of Medan Mayor building, the demonstrators met with regional secretary of Medan city. The government promised to find out why the mosque was torn down. The statement of Medan Mayor was responded by Amirullah Hidayat as an alumnus of IPM North Sumatera. He said that if there was no serious response, he would bring more demonstrators and block the roads in Medan city. “Building again the mosque is a rock-bottom price,” he said.

(trans by hamzah – uhamka)