Being accredited three times, UMY's law journal shows consistency

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Thursday, December 08, 2011 15:35 WIB

Yogyakarta- Commitment to be consistent in improving the quality is the key for the accreditation of 'Jurnal Media Hukum (Law Media Journal) of Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta' (JMH UMY). Finally, the determination of JMH editors for the past 11 years to make the an accredited journal out of 259 law faculties in Indonesia is successful. This is the result of the editors' hard work who have been collecting manuscripts from universities around Indonesia.

That was stated by Nanik Prasetyoningsih, S.H., M.H., the deputy editor-in-chief of the journal at UMY integrated campus on Thursday (8/12).

JMH is offcially accredited for the third time through the Decision of Directorate General of Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia Number 81/DIKTI/Kep/2011, dated November 15, 2011. According to Nanik, JMH UMY becomes the only one Law Journal in Yogyakarta that has been accredited in three consecutive times.

Nanik says that “There are some strengths of JMH. The composition of JMH is tightly kept. We target the writing composition coming from West, Middle, and East Indonesia with the percentage of 30% from respective area. Besides, the contribution from outside and inside Indonesia is 80%:20%. The more manuscript from outside Indonesia, the more credible the journal is. We are also consistent in making the journal cover look like a popular magazine."

Nanik also says that the content is consistent. “The articles in JMH are mostly the results of research. Out of 50 manuscripts, the editors select 12 for publication. To be published, the articles must meet the qualification, including the manuscript from outside Indonesia. JMH is also conssiten in publishing articles in a foreign language," said she.

In the meantime, Iwan Satriawan, S.H., M.Cl., M.Hum, one of the editors, says that some big names come from JMH. “Nowadays, one of the requirements to be a professor is by writing in an accredited journal. Some famous names such as Prof. Denny Indrayana,SH, LLM,PhD, the Deputy of Law and Human Right Minister, has published his article in JMH,” he said.

(trans by hamzah - uhamka)