Kine Club UMY screens documentary films after the reformation

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Thursday, November 24, 2011 18:20 WIB

Yogyakarta - Multimedia Kine Club Muhammadiyah, University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (MM Kine Club UMY) in collaboration with the Community of Documentary Film (KFD) held a film screening or the display of "Tales from Jakarta" in the Courtroom Law, Building E, Integrated Campus UMY, Wednesday (23/11 ). The screenings are held at UMY before the film-festival (FFD) X 2011 that will be held by KFD in Yogyakarta Cultural Park, next 1-5 December.

According to the Coordinating Committee of FFD, Franciscus Apriawan, the Tales From Jakarta (2008) is a collection of five documentary films directed by five different people paying attention to life of Indonesia after the reform. In Tales from Jakarta, it describes how the people of Indonesia, especially Jakarta, which is still shadowed by poverty, unemployment, and a variety of issues including the issue of ethnic difference of injustice despite 10 years after the reform.

Tales from Jakarta consists of Bot Parabot (Jastis Arimba), Babi Apa Ayam? (Sakti Parantean), Irama Hati (Steve S. Pillar), Makan Siang di Hari Jumat (Ariani Djalal), and Musafir (BW. Putra Negara).

One of the film "Musafir", tells of two scavengers, Kamal and Ida who every day collect rubbish thrown by rich people in Jakarta, with wheels and a stick. They are described as poor people in their daily struggle just for the sake of stomach, thus ignoring the phenomena going on around them. Even at the end of the story, it is shown how they are very difficult to remember the name of their own governor, Fauzi Bowo when talking at the door of mosque.

Other documentary films are about portrait of life in Jakarta. The film "Babi Apa Ayam?" For example, told Novi, is about a 10-year-old girl of Chinese descent who live in the area Glodok, Chinatown in Jakarta. Novi’ days are filled by selling Bacang, rather than to go to school.

Franciscus also explains, such activities are carried out as efforts to provide room for appreciation and socialization of the development of documentary films with a variety of styles. Tales of Jakarta, for example, there is very few scenes, fulfilled by interviews and narration. "Documentary Film is not necessarily to have a lot of dialogue and narration. Subject of a natural scene can also be expressed the intention,"he explained.

While Vice Chairman of the MM Kine Club UMY, Norman Perdana Lubis met during the playback is very welcome toward the dissemination efforts of short documentary films like this. According to him, documentaries and indie films are various forms of actualization for young people’s ideas and creations which are unique and challenging. "Making films like this requires a long process with critical ideas about the life corners. This is what has been encouraged by UMY since 14 years ago. Moreover, the current emerging communities who appreciate films like this", said the student of International Relations UMY.

(trans by hm-uhamka)