MPM : As long as people still suffer, there is no break

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Tuesday, November 22, 2011 15:17 WIB


Yogyakarta- Public empowering program will be done continuously by Public Empowering Council (MPM PP Muhammadiyah). This is suitable to MPM PP Muhammadiyah's credo: as long as people still suffer, there is no break. The credo becomes the spirit and it spurs Muhammadiyah to keep doing activities for public interest.
That was stated by the Secretary of MPM PP Muhammadiyah, Bachtiar Dwi Kurniawan, at MPM office on Jl. KHA Dahlan No.103, Yogyakarta, Monday (21/11/2011). According to Bachtiar, giving contribution to ummah has long been done by Muhammadiyah. "Muhammadiyah's way is for ummah. Public empowering is one of many ways taken by Muhammadiyah although this way is not less taken by most people who prefer a bigger way full of popularity, happiness, etc," said he.

Bachtiar says public empowering is a quiet way. This way was done by  prophets. The works done MPM are through that silent way and Insya Allah (God Willing) we get God's bless. In an attempt to implement MPM actions, MPM PP Muhammadiyah gave agricultural equipment to the groups of farmer in Ngudi Rejeki, Dekso, Kalibawang, Kulonporgo, Yogyakarta. The aid in a set of Huller (rice skin breaker).

Bachtiar says the aid can help the farmers to enjoy their harvest. "They used to stand in line to mill rice. Now the machine can help them. Huller can be used together by the group of farmer in Ngudi Rejeki that is under MPM PP Muhammadiyah guidance. There are 100 people in the group," he said.
The next day, Nov 15, 2011, the representative of ngudi rejeki was taken by MPM PP Muhammadiyah to do a comparative study at Pusdiklat Pertanian Terpadu (Integrated Agricultural Training Center) MPM PP Muhammadiyah in Sawangan. Besides, the farmer groups of Ngudi Rejeki and Dekso Society, Kalibawang, were trained how to breed sheep and make sheep food.
By attending the traning, farmer groups are expected to develop friendly agriculture by utilizing sheep dung for manure. Besides, after knowing how to make sheep food, they don't find difficulty in breeding sheep because they don't need to find grass every day. Consuming the food named burger, sheep gain weight significantly.
(trans by hamzah - uhamka)