Cooperated with UMM, POLRI builds forensic installation building

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Tuesday, November 15, 2011 07:47 WIB

The Hospital of Bhayangkara Pusdik Gasum (the Center of Historical Investigation and Political Ethics) Porong Sidoarjo had now owned building of forensic installation. It was realized due to the cooperation between Bhayangkara Hospital and University of Muhammadiyah Malang. Having forensic installation was a must for Polri hospital. It was related to its duty to conduct forensic test.

Inauguration of forensic building was done on Tuesday (11/8). The three Vice Rectors of UMM came representing the rector who is still in Geneva Swiss. He attended an event at Unesco headquarters after being a preacher at Republic Indonesia Embassy in Bern, he then visited Zurich Teaching Hospital. Meanwhile, Polri representatives were the Head of the hospital AKBP dr. Farid Amansyah, Sp.PD also the Head of Pusdik Gasum, Pusdik Brimob, and Dokkes of East Java Police Headquarters.

AKBP dr. Farid Amansyah, Sp.PD stated the construction of the new installation unit was the collaboration between Pusokkes Polri with UMM. UMM building up its physical facilty for Rp 477 million while its forensic instrument provided by Polri. In addition, the furniture was equipped by the hospital itself.

Furthermore, Farid said that the unit existed was a mean for Polri. It will be helpful for East Java Police Headquarters work. In the division of Law Enforcement, the performance of medical science such important part to uncover evidences of the death victims through scientific investigation. “We hope the installation will be referral hospital in the area of East Java Police Headquarters,” stated Farid.  

UMM Vice Rector I Prof.Dr. Ir. Sujono, M.Kes said his appreciation for the collaboration with Polri. According to him, UMM keep continue improving its student’s competence, so, to interact with Polri such important role to do. “In the future, we will soon face medical and hospital competition from foreign country. Hence, it must be answered by the student’s professionalism and high competence,” added Sujono.  

Meanwhile, the Head of Pusdik Gasum AKBP Drs. Erlangga Sutan Lubis, SH strengthened the necessities of forensic installation to support Polri work in upholding the law scientifically. “Trough forensic installation, it gives more trustworthiness in community for sure,” he said.

The event was organized by cutting the ribbon and opening the banner of building’s name. Besides, it also a signing document then handing over the help that committed by Vice Rector II Drs. Mursidi, MM.