Muhammadiyah IT community wishes to materialize Muhammadiyah's digital library

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Saturday, November 12, 2011 13:10 WIB

Semarang- Muhammadiyah IT community which gathered in the event named 'Muhammadiyah IT community Gathering 2011 (TAWITM)' hopes to give contribution in materailizing a digital library. Eventually the library can digitalize all documents and books on Muhammadiyah.

That was stated by the committee chair of TAWITM 2011, Adi Sucipto, in the opening remark at PWM Jateng building on Jl Singosari, Semarang, Saturday (12/11/2011). Adi says there is much expectation from Muhammadiyah IT community in Indonesia such as making digital library and socializing Operating System Tajdid Linux developed by independently by the community members. “I hope through this event, the community has a concrete product, and it can be useful at least for Muhammadiyah members," he said. Similar to what Adi says, Amir Nashiruddin from Information and Literature Council of Muhammadiyah Central Executive (MPI PP Muhammadiyah) says that it is high time for Muhammadiyah to use IT in doing its activities. According to Amir, there are a lot of IT experts in Muhammadiyah who want to give contribution, so there must be a synergy effort in the future to produce a complete product. "There are IT products like software spreading everywhere that needs to be collected," said he.

In the meantime, Iwan Setiawan from MPI PP Muhammadiyah says digital library is also the dream of PP Muhammadiyah, so PP Muhammadiyah cooperates with Ahmad Dahlan University (UAD). "Recently PP Muhammadiyah is cooperating with UAD to build digital library system. Through the gathering, the digital library can be materailized and all parties can complement each other," said he. Iwan Setiawan also stresses the important of blue chip on IT Muhammadiyah in the future.

(trans by hamzah - uhamka)