Making a character education book, UMM involves its students

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Saturday, November 05, 2011 10:15 WIB


Malang- The coordinator of book making team “Character Building with Academic Cultural Basis: Religious and Humanistic", Dr. Nurul Zuhriah, M.Si says it is important to involve students in making the book. Students are a subject of character forming. "By involving the students, it is expected that the book will be more meaningful and will depict real problems of the students," said the FKIP (Faculty of Teacher Training and Education) lecturer.

UMM itself prepares the book by doing workshop on Friday (4/11). The workshop was divided into two sessions. First session was attended by 30 participants coming from inter student body and student activity unit. Second session was attended by all policy makers from 6 faculties of UMM.

Chief Executive Dr. Dwi Priyo Utomo, M.Pd. hopes that the worksop is able to formulate special character education at UMM. "There are 3 important points that will be dug from character education: religious, academic, and humanistic basis," said the Department Head of UMM academic administration.

When opening the event, Deputy Rector III Drs. Joko Widodo, MSi says that character building is a sustainable process. We cannot form character instantly. To do that, there should be a climate that forms students' character, for example, by giving rewards and punishment. “To get good cultural climate, there should be firm sanction for violation. Here the slogan 'achievement is appreciated, and violation gets sanction' is applied," said Joko.

Joko also says that many UMM programs on character education are applied at other universities, such as student day and character and leadership program (P2KK). After doing a comparative study, they try to apply them at their campus. "UMM is expected to keep becoming a pioneer in forming national character," said he

The book making is one of 4 programs allowed by Dikti to universities in Indonesai. UMM is trusted to do academic cultural sector. Nurul says that later the result of workshop will be turned into a book and it will be published to all universities in Indonesia this coming December.

Nurul explains there are 4 working groups that will do the discussion. They are the strengthening and developing Tridarma (three pillars) of Higher Education, the Culture of Higher Institution, Student and alumni, and Health. "I am optimistic that having an expereince, UMM will not find difficulty in making the book. Lecturers and students who write are the doer of character formation," said Nurul.

(trans by hamzah - uhamka)