Interpreting the Youth Pledge by caring about the social reality

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Friday, October 28, 2011 03:51 WIB

Yogyakarta – To go beyond the meaning of the Youth Pledge todaydo nothave to be along with anarchicactions, excessivedemonstrationseven fighting betweenthe variouselementsandother related negative things. There are many things we cando as ayoung manin this countryone of themis to care about thesocial reality aroundus.

This was spoken by thePresident of theStudent Executive Boardof University ofMuhammadiyahYogyakarta(BEM UMY) AhmadJananFebriantoin discussionwith the theme"Interpreting the Youth Pledge" on IntegratedCampusUMY, Thursday(27/10)

Jananexplains, the young man whois a studentin this caseis afriend ofthe community. "People in Indonesiaarevery confidentfor the students to go into the forefront ofcommunitygroups" he explained.

Manythingshave been donebyyoung peoplefromthe colonial eraup to the reform era. "We know the spirit ofthe young people that finallypresidentSoekarnoproclaimedthe independenceofthe Republic ofIndonesia, in 1966Soekarno stepped down fromhis position asPresident andin 1998was followedbySuharto, went downfromhis throneaspresident" he said.

Jananalsoadds, wereallyshouldadopt the spirit ofthe former young people,butwithsomething morepositiveandbeneficial toour socialenvironment. "We do nothave todothe same asthey werein those days, but we candopositive thingsliketakingcareof thecommunityin thefight for their rightsto obtainsucheducation, health andothers.

He alsohopesby commemoratingthe youth pledge, students cancontinue to positively contributeand studentscanbe problemsolverofthe problem encountered bythe community.

(trans by hm-uhamka)