MPM Sulsel tightly monitors farmer supervision in South Sulawesi

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Thursday, October 20, 2011 14:56 WIB


Makassar- The Board of Muhammadiyah's Public Empowerment Council in South Sulawesi (MPM Muhammadiyah Sulsel) takes quick action on integrated agriculture empowerment by directly visiting supervisory location in Pangkep, Wajo, and Soppeng Regncy. That was stated by Ir.Nasrullah Rahim, the secretary of MPM Muhammadiyah Sulsel during a meeting with the Regional executives of Muhammadiyah Sulsel such as Husni Yunus, Sukardi Mulyadi, mahung Sangaji, Idham Khalid, Muh, Hatta, etc at the building of Pusat Dakwah Muhammadiyah at Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan no. 38 Makassar, Thursday ( 20/10/2011).
Nasrullah Rahim said that the visit was done quickly because it is a demand from cooperation program with the Ministry of Maritime and Fishery that keeps trusting MPM Muhammadiyah Sulsel to do supervisory program for fish pond farmers. The farmers are currently powerless and need a way out to be empowered, so a significant result can be obtained in a short time.
Husni Yunus, the chairman of MPM Muhammadiyah Sulsel, hopes all cooperation programs of MPM Muhammadiyah cooperating with central government must be done professionally by cooperating with local government concerning the program.
(trans hamzah - uhamka)