Strengthening judge control, KY and UMM sign MoU

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Thursday, October 20, 2011 14:46 WIB

Malang- The Rector of Muhammadiyah University of Malang (UMM), Dr. Muhadjir Effendy, MAP and the chairman of Judicial Commision (KY) of the Republic of indonesia, Prof. Dr. Eman Suparman, sign memorandum of understanding (MoU) on strengthening judge control on Wednesaday (19/10) at UMM campus. KY involves campuses, especially ones that have faculty of law and sharia in strengthening the accountability of judicial power in Indonesia.  The event was also attended by Malang Regent, Rendra Kresna.

In the same event, KY chairman also gave public lecture before more than 400 law students of UMM and 60 chairmans of law and sharia faculty across East Java. The lecture titled "Ensuring the Independence and Accountability of Judicial Power to Enforce Real Laws in Indonesia."

In his lecture, Eman touched on KY position that is different from other state institutions. In trias politica there are executive, legislative, judicative, KY doesn't belong to it. KY, according to him, is an independent institution that can't be connected with Trias Politica. "The role of KY is very important in keeping and enforcing the honor, dignity, and behavior of judges," said Eman.

In doing its task and function, KY faces hard challenge, among other, a conflict among institutions. "Between KY and MA (Supreme Court), for example, has experienced disharmony. MA has rejected KY recommendation. This gives impression as though KY were not strong," said Eman.

To face the problem, according to Eman, there should be firm rule about sanction and the necessity of Judge Honorary Council (MHK) as a defending forum for sanction given. "There mustn't be impression that KY has reduced the judge freedom in deciding a case," said Eman.

UMM Rector, Muhadjir Effendy, hopes that UMM's law students being the participants of the event really understand and apply it from the smallest thing. The discipline of a student, accorrding to him, can be started from how he listens and learns, then applies it in wider area.

“Law students are law servants and the candidates for law enforcers, so they must have discipline, honesty, and dignity," said the rector.

MoU sigining and public lecture are a series of event from the forum of law-sharia faculty chairmans of some campuses in East jawa. The event that lasts for two days, until today is followed with Focus Group Discussion (FGD) together with KY to discuss the idea of understading judges from within. Besides giving leture, KY chairman also gives talk during FGD in Batu, along with the Dean of Law Faculty of Airlangga University, Prof. Dr. M. Zaidun, SH, M.Si.

Law Faculty Dean of UMM, Sidik Sunaryo, SH, MH, explains that the event aims to deeply study the proposal on otimizing law-sharia education forum of East Java as KY network in region." That's why we involve KY to give understanding contribution in this forum," said Sidik.

Sidik also says that yesterday's discussion talked deeply about judge profession in various perspectives such as law, social, economy, culture, and politic. Besides, the discussion talked about the integrity and independence of judges and how to train them. "We also discussed how to keep the dignity and nobility of a judge in varioues perspectives. We know later that the problem becomes point of attention in public. The result of this meeting will be sent to KY and public," said Sidik.

In the meantime, the event is alternated with book discussion "Penerapan dan Penemuan Hukum dalam Putusan Hakim oleh komisioner KY (Law Appliction and Findings in Judges' Decision by KY Commisioner)" by Dr. Jaja Ahmad Jayus, SH, M.Hum, and two lawyers: Dr. Sidharta, SH, MH and Magdir Ismail. FGD is continued until midday and will be closed by KY Secretary General Drs. Muzayyin Mahbub, M.Si this afternoon.(

(trans by hamzah)