UAD holds health discussion: beauty in Islamic way

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Thursday, October 20, 2011 14:37 WIB


Yogyakarta- Allah (God Almighty) loves beauty. How can mankind keep the beauty given by Allah? Have we, especially women, kept beauty in Islamic way? The phenomenon often happens in public. Women often use cosmetic to keep and beautify themselves. Unfortunately, the cosmetic chosen is not halal and good for body health. Therefore, Student Executive Body (BEM) of Pharmacy Faculty, the division of Islamic center held monthly discussion on health on Friday.


Taking place at campus II of UAD, the discussion taking the theme "Choosing Islamic Cosmetic" got good response, especially women. The speaker was Prof. Dr. A. Musyid, M.Sc. Delivering his speech in a relaxing way, the professor who cares for health with Islamic method was able to captivate the participants.


Prof. Musyid says that everything must not be separated from religion, especially for pharmacy students. The religion has determined clearly between halal and haram (good and bad). Therefore, we can avoid their clients from haram (bad) things. We are the servants of God and caliph in this world. Inviting to the good ones is our responsibility. This is our moral responsibility. "May what we do becomes good deed for us," said he.


"I like seeing friends' enthusiasm. I hope the discussion is useful and we know that taking care of ourselves also needs to use halal product. The professor says that even though little haram thing exists in our body, everything is haram before it is really gone," said Aulia Rahim, pharmacy student of semester 3, who was the commitee chair of the discussion. (

(trans by hamzah - uhamka)