Students of HI UM Yogyakarta receives Scholarship from China's Government

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Wednesday, October 19, 2011 18:00 WIB

Yogyakarta - As a social being men essentially require communication with each other in every time. This makes people create tools for communication. It is a language to be primary communication tool created long time ago. Language diversity continues to develop until it is difficult to determine its number. However, what language is most widely used in the world? Of course most people will answer the English language. It might be unpredictable it is the Chinese language mostly used in the world.

This was expressed by Dita Febrilia Andini, Student of International Relations University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (HI UMY) Chinese Language Course scholarship recipient at the Capital University of Economics and Business (CUEB) Beijing, China. Chinese Language Course is a Mandarin language training scholarships for one year commencing in October 2011 provided the government of China in Asia Foreign Study Scholarship program.

According to the students whose arrival to Beijing was immediately greeted by the Education Attache Embassy in China, Chaerun Anwar at his residence in ​​Chaoyang, China's economic development is very rapid andimproving that allows us to predict that this country will give a very big influence as one of the pivot of economic the world. So the use of language which is also often called Mandarin will provide future employment opportunities in the world. "I am very pleased to be given this opportunity. Foreign language skills today's increasingly become one of the high-value skills," explained Dita.

Furthermore Dita shares her experience that Mandarin is quite difficult to learn, yet very necessary to compete in this era of globalization looking at China's influencing position shown earlier. Dita pointed out that no country in the world without having a Chinatown (Chinese Village) and they all speak Mandarin. He also admitted that he had to learn Chinese since high school educated.

This student whose current a grade point average (GPA) is 3.7 was obtained scholarships to study in China after a series of administrative selection process. This program is qualified for students who have Mandarin subject at the university besides applicant academic achievement. Dita, in the last 3 semesters have been completed Mandarin Language Courses 1 and 3 with an A while the other Mandarin 2 B.

Dita’s learning place, CUEB, is one of the leading university in Beijing, precisely in Fengtai and Chaoyang District established since 1956. CUEB becomes prominent with a complete course in economics and management. Besides CUEB, Asia Foreign Study Scholarship program also provides scholarships for foreign students to study various fields at the Peking University, Hunan Normal University, Shandong University, Capital Normal University and the Macao Foundation.

In the end Dita expects, her participation in the Chinese Language Course can also be the start of good cooperation relationship between UMY with CUEB. "At least, I can open up opportunities for UMY students to learn in China," she hopes. UMY itself previously held a joint scholarship to study with the Messiah International University by sending three students to study Mandarin at the University.

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