Farmer indicates Nation's Greatness

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Sunday, October 16, 2011 21:19 WIB

Malang - President of the Indonesian Islamic Bussiness Forum (IIBF), Ir. Heppy Trenggono, M. Kom, deplored the sad fate of Indonesian farmers in the midst of abundant natural resources. It is even worst that it is not farmer’s mistake, but unstoppable import policy of agricultural products. As a result, farmers must compete with other countries’ products.

It was expressed by Heppy in front of 450 public lecture participants amongst 300 of them were students of the Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (FPP) UMM, Saturday (10/15). Heppy was invited by the Agribusiness Students Association to give speech on theme “Achieving Victory in a Business War”.

Further, the entrepreneur in various fields including oil palm encouraged young people to move with the spirit of entrepreneurship. According to him, there are three largest spirits missing today, namely leadership, entrepreneurship, and spirituality. Entrepreneur’s problem is all about playing rich, getting rich. "Anyone, not just businessmen, even the country’s leader should have entrepreneurship sprit to solve various problems," he said.

Heppy gave an example when importing vegetables and fruits stroke and disabled Indonesian farmers, it was impossible to blame the free market system that has been agreed.

"What we need is entrepreneurial thinking to be formulated into a policy. There might be imported goods, but they must be regulated. For example, the entry port is in Papua. Thus, the people there shall be able to get benefit from the equity in economy, while the price distribution is in Java and the surrounding areas remains high to compete with local farmers," he said. On the other hand, said Heppy, the state must set a strategy in order not to let big businessmen become killing machine for small entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, the community should be mobilized to use domestic products.

Heppy cited AC Nielsen data said that Indonesia is the second most consumptive country in the world. It means Indonesia is a soft market for all products from around the world. If it is not managed properly, then the potential would be just “food” for strangers, whereas the production communities remain very small.

That was why Heppy invited the public to initiate a movement of the so-called "Buy Indonesia", i.e. buying Indonesian products, protecting Indonesian nation and reviving the spirit of brotherhood. This movement was also jointly declared by the public lecture participants.

Heppy told FPP students not to be ashamed to be a farmer. In developed countries, farmers can be very prosperous because of government’s subsidy. It is because the government would not dare to take a risk for life necessity affairs if farmers do not want to plant due to falling prices. "It is an entrepreneurial policy for considering farmers as those who need protection and help to be rich. Therefore, there would be more people who want to be farmers," said Heppy.

"The greatness of a nation can be seen from its farmers’ welfare. If the farmers are rich, it can be said the country could pay attention to other aspects," concluded Heppy.

In addition, Vice Dean III of FPP, M. Sobri, said the visiting lecture is important to give spirit to the students to be more sensitive to the world of entrepreneurship. In the field of agriculture and animal husbandry, entrepreneurship spirit is needed to fight the giant businesses flowing into Indonesia.

(trans by hm uhama)