Feeling comfortable, an international student wants to stay longer at UMM

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Wednesday, October 12, 2011 16:39 WIB


Malang-Still remember Hanna Szymanszka, a student from Poland who studied at Muhammadiyah University of Malang (UMM)? If you forget, read again the story of the pretty girl who admits she already becomes a 'Javanese' in this website on Jan 11, 2011 edition.

This year UMM accepts a Polish named Dawid Spzakiewicz. Just like Hanna, Dawid (read=David), directly feels comfortable when arriving at UMM campus.

Dawid is the receiver of scholarship Internship Indonesia assigned as an on-the-job lecturer at UMM. He teaches English at Teacher Training and Education Faculty (FKIP) for one semester. The tourism graduate of  Wyższa Szkoła Teologiczno-Humanistyczna in Poland teaches speaking course to Fresmen.  

“I was trusted to teach 18 credits spreading at nine classes. This is a good chance for me to develop my teaching skill and especially students' English skills," said the man who likes basketball.

According to him, studying English is not as difficult as most people think. We can improve our English by watching movies and listening to English songs. Besides, courage to communicate in English must be practiced slowly, especially communicate to foreigners. By doing this, our English will improve.

The story of Dawid at UMM started when he wanted to go back to Indonesia. Beforehand, in 2009 Dawid had been in Malang as a tourist. In 2010 he taught at SMA 2. When taking part in Internship Indonesia selection at Europe Union's expense, Dawid chose UMM based on his friend's recomendation, Martin, who has known UMM earlier.  

 “This is not the wrong choice. In Poland, my campus only has 300 students. When coming here for the first time, I was surprised with so many students and exotic campus. Lake and leafy trees make me feel comfortable," said he.

Dawid is a valunteer in educational field with mission to help increase the students' English skills. As a volunteer, he has to finance all his necessity in Indonesia, starting from airline ticket to living cost.

He says he is very happy to be in Indonesia. Besides having varied and rich culture, Indonesia also has astonishing nature. The first impression is good, especially at UMM. Dawid says he gets friendly welcome and very good service.

“UMM appreciates my coming. I was provided with a house in Puncak Tidar area. There I live with Australian and American students, Besides, an Indonesian friend lends me his motorcycle to support my activity at UMM," said the man who likes baked fish in Malang.

The image of UMM as an Islamic campus is not a problem for him. According to him, the campus is very open for academic matter. He says he never gets a problem at UMM, especially religious problem.

Even, due to his deep love to UMM, Dawid plans to lengthen his internship after visiting his brother and mother in Australia in this coming December.

“If possible I want to stay longer in Indonesia. There are still lots of things I want to learn," said he. (www.umm.ac.id)

(trans by hamzah - uhamka)