Meeting at UMM, PTIS executives promote character building education

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Thursday, October 06, 2011 15:14 WIB

A number of private Islamic university leaders united into Private Islamic Universities Cooperation Body (BKS-PTIS) met at University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Sunday (2/10). Beside gathering after Idul Fitri, they conducted national meeting to discuss number of national issues. 

One of the issues raised was about Bill Draft of Higher Education (RUU PT) and character-building education. The issue was initially exposed by BKS-PTIS Chairman, Prof. Dr. E. Saefullah W, SH, LLM. The former Rector of Unisba said that the Bill Draft had not fully tend to private universities. 

“Either the banned draft or ongoing discussion draft, there are no points to support private university. When it is analyzed from its estimation, PTS is only given assistance not a budget," said E. Saefullah. In fact, as citizen paying tax, the implementation of private university education, actually, has the same right for educational budget.

Currently, said the Chairman of BKS-PTIS, Prof. Dr. Edy Suandi Hamid, M.Ec, there were at least 500 of PTIS among 2000s PTS in Indonesia. The number is quite significant than the State University (PTN) whose number is less than hundreds. Nevertheless, PTS budget was really minim than the PTN. "So, the UU PT case needs our struggle to accommodate these problems," said Rector of UII Yogyakarta. 

Furthermore, the discussion paid much attention on character-building education though some thought it was not hot issue anymore.  For PTIS, character-building education was applied in university activities since in the early beginning. "We have implemented religious and moral education in our universities, haven’t we? It is not new thing for PTIS," explained General Secretary of BKS-PTIS, Prof. Dr. Suyatno, M.Pd.

Rector of Unisula Semarang, Prof. Dr. Laode M. Kamaluddin, revealed character-building education could be encouraged through faith and piety that was balanced with academic achievement. So, to make it true, every university needs to provide sufficient facilities. "For instance, it can be applied trough library,” Laode gave an example. He really hoped Islamic value would be the alternative of character-building education in Indonesia.  

Meanwhile, the idea of BKS-PTIS regeneration had not been realized until the end of meeting. UMM Rector, Dr. Muhadjir Effendy, MAP, the potential candidate, had not explicitly declared his readiness yet. He said need the approval from Muhammadiyah Executives. "Dealing with this, I need to discuss with Muhammadiyah Executives," stated Muhadjir.  

In addition, the Chairman and its Secretary of BKS-PTIS Edy Suandi and Suyatnohad had already been chosen as Charmain and Secretary of Private University Association (Aptisi). Before setting up new structure of organizations, those two were still expressed as leaders. "We hope this meeting can be enlarge with more members attending, at least, the meeting will be held twice a year," hoped Suyatno about BKS-PTIS members's activeness.

(trans by hm-uhamka)