The stance of PP Muhammadiyah and PWM all over Indonesia towards actual condition of Indonesia

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Sunday, October 02, 2011 09:47 WIB

Central Executive of Muhammadiyah (PP) based on the National Consolidation Meeting with Provincial Executive of Muhammadiyah (PWM) all over Indonesia, the Deputy Component of Central Executive, Rectors of Muhammadiyah Universities, and Autonomous Organizations of Central Level conducted on Sept 27 - 28, 2011 at the building of Muhammadiyah Central Executive in Yogyakarta, hereby delivers statement as follows:

1.     The burden of Indonesia in the middle of the shadows of recent global economic crisis is heavy. The problems are labor force, poverty, natural resource destruction, condition of poeople living at the border, the fate of farthest islands, horizontal conflict, terrorism, the problem of national sovereignty in the middle of the grip of the world's economic-politic hegemony . The heavy burden is not only a complex problem but also a cronic disease called corruption.

2.     Facing those big problems needs moral bravery and strong politic from the government and all governmental institutions including national politic strengths to solve the problems throuroughly and sistematically. Besides, it needs mobilization of all national strengths under strong government having vision, committment, and high political firm in making decisions. Especially for corruption eradication, it requires courageous breakthroughs to uncover big cases to ensnare big players by giving them haviest punishment.

 3.     Muhammadiyah thinks that recent national political development tends ro lose idealism because it shows more on pragmatically political transaction. This is shown by the widening of money politic, the use of budget and public position for political interest, cronies, and parties. Politic starts to lose moral value and vision based on truth, ethic, and national ambition that become the foundation of nation. Apart from that, the development of positive democracy is not accompanied by substantial law enforcement process and politic, so it makes a chance for a new problem in political life from center to region to rise.

4.     In responding to terrorism, Muhammadiyah condemns all violent actions in the name of anything by anyone and for any purpose. The govenrment, along with intelligent institution, police force and related institutions, is asked to do terrorist prevention thoroughly from preventive process to action by doing objective and acurate action relying on self power. However, terrorism prevention shouldn't drive the government's attention away from solving other big problems that also need optimum public responsibility.

5.     Muhammadiyah as a national component that has existed before the establishment of the Republic of Indonesia always focuses on national interest and advancement over all other interests. Muhammadiyah, based on its character and goal, states its stance to be consistent in amar ma’ruf  nahi munkar (doing good deeds and abandoning bad ones), real action in various charity and endavors, cooperation with the government and all national components intelligently, and focusing on national fate. Muhammadiyah asks all national elites to be consistent in speech and action, praising noble moral, meeting people's mandate, and fighting for people interest over the interest of self and group. Muhammadiyah ask the government to focus on justice and honesty, standing on all groups, being fair, and being able to show a statemanship soul.

(trans by hamzah - uhamka)