Along with Sukoharjo regent, Din Syamsuddin harvests rice

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Saturday, October 01, 2011 15:41 WIB

Sukoharjo- The effort to make people prosperous is the responsibility of all public elements, not only the responsibility of government. This is stated by Assistant Deputy President for Micro Industry Sector and Public welfare of the Republic of Indonesia, Tono Supranoto, when giving the speech in Panen Raya Padi Sawah (big harvest of rice) in Pondok Village, District Nguter, Sukoharjo Regency on Friday afternoon (30/9).

Tono says the govenrment always tries to increase public welfare. Besides the government also keeps increasing the effort to alleviate poverty. "The effort can be done well if there is good and strong synergy among business sector, higher institution, NGO, and mass organization like Muhammadiyah. The synergy must be increased because public welfare improvement is the responsibility of all parties, not only that of the government," he said.

Tono also says that parenting action done by Muhammadiyah through Public Empowerment Council (MPM) must always been supported and increased. 

General Chairman of Muhammadiyah Central Executive, Prof. Dr. Din Syamsudin, says it has been a Muhammadiyah's commitment to pay attention to public welfare. Therefore, through MPM, Muhammadiyah then does the parenting. “Farmers, fishermen, and workers are oftentimes neglected in development process," he said.

According to Din, public parenting program is a part of Muhammadiyah mission. “MPM carries out Muhammadiyah mission as an organization that cares for the poor, so through the program, the harvest at Pondok Village can reach 13 tons of rice per hectare. It increases compared to previous harvest that reached 5,5 tons per half hectares," said he.

In the meantime, Muhammadiyah chairman of Sukoharjo District says that the parenting program done by MPM is done through integrated farming processing application. "Integrated farming doesn't need pesticide and artificial fertilizer. Using pesticide and artificial fertilizer excessively can harm soil, so the farmers are suggested to use natural and organic substances" he said.

Sukoharjo Regent, H. Wardoyo Wijaya, SH., MA says that Sukoharjo Regency has farming area reaching 23 thousand hectares. “This harvest brings pride for people due to its rice surplus reaching 55,26 per cent of 179,200 tons. The figure decreases compared to 2009 harvest that reached 65% surplus of 225,995 tons. It is caused by planthopper pests attack three times," said he.

(trans by hamzah - uhamka)