The Advanced Student Must Have Global Insight

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Tuesday, May 26, 2015 22:09 WIB

Yogyakarta - Fiqh of the Advanced Students was interesting when we were talking about the "student today" as a new generation. What we were experiencing today was new. Moreover, we understood today was different. Ten years ago was different from today. Our temptation was also different.

It was stated by Pradana Boy ZTF, General Chairman of Muhammadiyah Youth Association of Muhammadiyah Regional executive of East Java in a discussion of Obrolan Jumat Terkini held by Muhammadiyah Student Association of Muhammadiyah Central Executive, in the Muhammadiyah Hall Building, Jl 103 KHA Dahlan Yogyakarta, on Friday (22/5).

Boy added that students now had to be smart to divide, to take into account the correct money. "We are currently experiencing a revolution of ITC (Information, Technology, and Communication), which is now a" global village ", where the world narrowed into small as digital shack", said the Doctor of Philosophy graduate of National University of Singapore.

The lecturer of University of Muhammadiyah Malang explained that the current life of people relied on the Internet who later became a powerful fatwa. Consequently, "those religious snobs" only read it on the internet. Communities now had experienced what it was called as “hyper realities” (not the real world conditions).

Boy told inevitably that we had to learn something from the source. How to be unique? (How to be a unique person, it means becoming someone who others did not have). "Everything is having the privilege." So we had to get along and had the different uniqueness to measure ourselves. The more you read a lot of books, we would feel no idea. The advanced students had to get along as much as possible. (expand relationships) not only local but also national, and even international. Therefore, we could compare lessons and civilization of others.

Boy stressed that "Fiqh" here meant the mindset, understanding, al-fahmu al-amiq (deep understanding). Not understanding the jurisprudence as the worship only, but we had to have a deep understanding. Fiqh was the way to describe the science, makrifah, wisdom, then for it was khoiron katsiran (a lot of kindness). Well, how was the advanced student? The mindset of advanced students was open (to accept anything from the outside). " Advanced Student Fiqh " had to be based on the strong sound belief. In addition, advanced student ought to have a global perspective. However, it should not lose its identity. We might have a global insight, but the locality must be maintained. The core of advanced students was that we had to set our mind openly, did not stop learning, broadmindedness, and became citizens of the world. (dzar)


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