Milad 101 Years ‘Aisyiyah and Progressive Female Madrasah

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Saturday, May 23, 2015 22:28 WIB

Yogyakarta – ‘Aisyiyah as one of autonomous organization of Muhammdiyah held an annual celebration. Women organization that was established in 1917 held its 101st anniversary in Bandung on Thursday (05/14). More than 1500 activists and sympathizers of the organization who owned charity efforts in education, health, social welfare, economy, and society empowerment sectors attended the celebration.

On this year anniversary, ‘Aisyiyah brought up the theme of “Gerakan Perempuan Muslim untuk Mencerahkan Bangsa” (Muslim Women Movement to Enlighten the Nation). The annual celebration in reflecting the programs and activities, which were already implemented by ‘Aisyiyah, received enthusiastic response from the activists and sympathizers of ‘Aisyiyah.

On the press conference that was held by PP ‘Aisyiyah last Friday (05/22), the General Chairman of PP ‘Aisyiyah, Siti Noordjanah Djohantini stated that in practical politics, ‘Aisyiyah was still unsuccessful, especially in terms of women quota in the government and the struggle to enter parliamentary board was still ineffective. “Therefore, ‘Aisyiyah took a portion in not only practical politics but also in the formation of civic awareness,” she said. 

Today’s ‘Aisyiyah, Noordjanah added, had kept encouraging people for female politics through the implementation of Undang-Undang Desa by doing synergy advocacy with the local government.

According to Noordjanah, from the start, ‘Aisyiyah cadres had no interest whatsoever in being involved in practical politics. “It is not easy looking for cadres who want to join a political party, because they think they are unfit for political party. We are aware that being in political party is a way for legislative position,” she stated.

Therefore, ‘Aisyiyah completely supported if there were any ‘Aisyiyah members who were included in any political parties, because as a cadre, they would bring the mission of ‘Aisyiyah. Hence, the one that became the main attention for ‘Aisyiyah was the strengthening of leaders in local level, explained the lecturer of UMY.

Furthermore, she stated that to raise the interest of practical politics to ‘Aisyiyah cadres they also gave education for local leaders, which was how the society had awareness on their rights. “I am sure that they have the courage to communicate with the local government, authorities, and so on,” she said.

‘Aisyiyah had established “Madrasah Pimpinan Berkemajuan” (Progressive Leader Madrasah). There, they made studies and discussions on the contemporary issues that were related to Islam perspective, how politics were related to Islam, and so on. These were still in discussion and would be shared to other ‘Aisyiyah organizations in other regions.

“Madrasah Pimpinan Berkemajuan only has one year class starting from 2014. Madrasah Pimpinan Berkemajuan is held for a week in four months. The participants are open to public, not only the cadres and the members of ‘Aisyiyah, young people can also enroll in this program,” she explained. (dzar)