1006 Volunteers Participated in Muhammadiyah& ‘AisyiyahMuktamar Committee Workshop

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Saturday, May 23, 2015 20:29 WIB

Makassar – There were six hundred volunteers came from UniversitasMuhammadiyah Makassar who gathered to participate in the workshop for the Receiving Committee and Supervising Committee at BalaiSidangMuktamar in the complex of UniversitasMuhammadiyah Makassar (Unismuh) on Saturday (05/23).

According to the Rector of Unismuh, IrwanAkib in his opening speech, there were 1006 volunteers came from several of program studies gathered to have technical briefing regarding the committee for Muhammadiyah and ‘AisyiyahMuktamar, which would be held on 3-7 of August 2015. “This is an important workshop because we hope that Muhammadiyah and ‘AisyiyahMuktamar would run smoothly and give a good impression for the participants and the general public on Makassar and South Sulawesi,” he explained. Meanwhile, according to the Secretary of Muhammadiyah Central Exective, Marpuji Ali, the success of organizing Muhammadiyah and ‘AisyiyahMuktamar on 2010 in Yogyakarta would be an encouragement for the committee to be better than before.

Other people such as the Chairman of Muhammadiyah Provincial Executive of South Sulawesi, AlwiUddin, Rector of Unismuh, PP Muhammadiyah, PP 'Aisyiyah, PW 'Aisyiyahof South Sulawesi, and the Standing Committee of Muktamar also attended the event. The team of Muktamar Central Committee consisted of some committees such as supervising, court, IT, media, and event. The event concluded in the evening. (mac)