SMA SMAMDA Achieved Gold Medal in International Science Project Olympiad

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Friday, May 15, 2015 07:16 WIB

Sidoarjo – Another prideful achievement was achieved by Muhammadiyah students, now it was from SMA Muhammadiyah 2 Sidoarjo. This time, students who had the skills in techonology were able to become the first winner in Gold Medal in the category of Technology.

Students who were able to compete against 25 countries and became the first winner were Ahmad Habib Almutawakil of XI grade of Science class and Prasetyo Langgeng Utama of XI grade of Science class. They were the first winner in the Gold Medal (Technology) in the Technology category in the International Science Project Olympiad (ISPRO) which was held at the Ministry of Education and Culture office in Jakarta, from 3 to 9 of May 2015.

Ahmad Habib Almutawakil of XI grade of Science class explained to the journalists that when he entered the competition with some of his rivals who came from overseas, he was sure that his automatic wheelchair with joystick device would be able to compete with the others.

“We are very happy with the achievement we acquired in the competition in Jakarta. As students, we are always fighting to reach the highest achievement possible. The purpose of it is to bring the good name for school and the people around us,” said Habib in the release that was delivered on Thursday (05/14).

The principal of SMA Muhammadiyah 2 Sidoarjo, Wigatiningsih admitted that she was very happy looking at the achievement of her two students. She believed that these students of SMA Muhammadiyah 2 Sidoarjo often won robotic competition.

Alhamdulillah, in SMAMDA (SMA Muhammadiyah 2 Sidoarjo) for the nth times was able to be the winner. This year our students became the winner of international level competition that was able to carve the good name of Indonesia. Because they were able to compete with 25 countries in a robotic competition,” said Wigatiningsih.

It did not stop there, Wigatiningsih continued, after entering the competition in Jakarta, our students went directly to another robotic competition that was held by ITS and became the second winner.

“Followed with becoming second winner is the most expected pinnacle of achievement of our students. It was a coincidence that the events were held in Indonesia so that it was quite accessible and they were able to become the runner up in ITS,” she added.

Furthermore, Wigatiningsih stated that the first winner in smart chair that was achieved by their students would be used to help senior citizens starting from standing up and so on. “I hope that our students’ masterpiece will be useful for the people of Indonesia,” she concluded. (YP)(mac)