UMY Delegates Achieved Harvard World Model United Nation 2015 Award

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Friday, April 17, 2015 08:50 WIB

Yogyakarta – Another complimentary achievement, again, was accomplished by the students of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY). Ahmad Jaawad (the student of International Relations 2011), Asep Suryana (International Relations 2012), and Andi Amitya Resti Dwiyanti (Master of Politics and International Relation 2013) who were chosen as the delegates for UMY in the international event “24th Harvard World Model United Nation (WMUN) 2015” managed to achieve the best award on the Social Venture Challenge (SVC) Resolution Project category.

Ahmad Jaawad, as the Chairman of the UMY delegate team, when he was met in the Public Relation Bureau (Biro Humas) of UMY on Tuesday (04/14) said that Social Venture Challenge was a competitive category where the youths and the students from all over the world, who participated in WMUN 2015 were required to propose social programs in their own country. The social project that Jawwad and his friends—which successfully attained an award in the event—was a project on “CancerCARE.”

“CancerCARE is a social care project. And in the project, we aspire to increase the knowledge and raise awareness toward the people to care more on cancer patients, especially children. Because if we pay attention more, the children who suffer from cancer have low social skill and they tend to be pessimistic. Therefore, we propose this project,” he explained. 

Jawwad admitted that he was surprised and could not believe it when his team was given the award as the best delegate. This was caused by the fact that being able to compete in the event was not easy thing to do, because they needed to pass selection tests. Moreover, after it was announced that they passed to semi final and final round, they were expected to give a presentation in front of the judges and the delegates of universities around the world, who also participated in the event.

The annual event that was held by Harvard University gathered delegates of students from all universities around the world. And on the 24th WMUN, which was held at Korea International Exhibition Center (INTEX), Seoul, South Korea on 16 to 20 of March 2015, there were two competitive categories; they were Social Venture Challenge (SCV) Resolution Project and Simulation of UN (United Nations) session. Out of the two competition categories, there were only three delegates of Indonesia who attained the best award; they were UMY delegates in the first position in the Social Venture Challenge (SVC) Resolution Project category, followed closely by Djarum Foundation, and Universitas Indonesia (UI) on the Simulation of PBB Session category.