Welcoming Ramadhan 1436 H, IMM DIY Prepared Korps Muballigh Mahasiswa

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Sunday, April 05, 2015 18:54 WIB

Yogyakarta – To welcome Ramadhan 1436 H, DewanPimpinan Daerah IkatanMahasiswaMuhammadiyah(DPD IMM) of DIY appointed KorpsMuballighMahasiswaMuhammadiyah (KM3) of DI Yogyakarta 2014-2016 on Thursday (04/02/2015). The event that was held in Aula Kantor PWM DIY at JlGedongkuning 130 B was combined with the opening event of LatihanInstrukturMadya (LIM) that was attended by participants from all over Indonesia. 

In his opening speech, the Chairman of KM3 DIY, Ahmad Showab said that to welcome this year Ramadhan, they would prepare Muballigh human resources who were ready to intermingle with the society, we were committed to do our best in using our resources for da’wah. Showab also encouraged other parties to actively participate in the da’wah activities, which would be in various events. This was affirmed by the Chairman of DPD IMM DIY, Surya Dharma Sufi that IMM besides contributing as students’ movement, IMM also contributed in da’wah activities that had character of being a progressive da’wah.

KM3 DIY was a semi-autonomous organization from DPD IMM DIY that focused on conducting direct/technical da’wah within the society. KM3 had become the vessel for IMM cadres who were running accelerated da’wah to the people, organizing the mission of progressive Islamic da’wah to free, empower, and develop people.

According to the Chairman of KM3 DIY of 2012-2014, Qomarudin explained that KM3 da’wah was not simultaneously done in platform at a Mosque or Mushalla (Prayer room), rather, it would be wider and closer to the people. Thus, KM3 da’wah through platform at a Mosque or Mushalla was a compulsory/inherent responsibility, but also followed through da’wah for society empowerment, by understanding the situation and condition of surrounding society and brought proper ‘treatment’ to overcome the increasingly complex problem including social, economy, culture, technology, and so on.

KM3 gathered the best alumni cadres of PelatihanMuballighMahasiswaMuhammadiyah(PM3) of DIY who fulfilled their responsibility of social da’wah of society empowerment in MuballighHijrah program that was conducted in Ramadhan month. MuballighHijrah program was successfully conducted under the collaboration with Muhammadiyah Provincial Executive (Pimpinan Wilayah Muhammadiyah) of DIY along with Muhammadiyah Youths (AngkatanMudaMuhammadiyah) of DIY.

MuballighHijrah program was conducted to foster and empower the people of DIY, especially in regions that received less attention in Ramadhan month, such as GunungKidul, Kulonprogo, Bantul, and Sleman. (immdiy) (dzar)