Social Action of IMM Bersinergi with UAD Went to GunungKidul

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Tuesday, March 31, 2015 18:22 WIB

GunungKidul – In the grand celebration of IMM Bersinergi 2015, IMM Commissariat of Psychology UAD (IMM KomisariatPsikologi UAD) held Social Action in DusunPakel, Planjan, KecamatanSaptosari, GunungKidul Yogyakarta (03/28-29). This social action was attended no less than 163 households, public figure, youths, and children. The agenda of event, which was the 5th event of IMM Bersinergi that was held since the beginning of March, became the closing event of IMM Bersinergi 2015 IMM Commissariat of Psychology UAD.

The Head of IMM Bersinergi, M ZulfikarNur said that this event went smoothly, IMM could not be separated from the society and should dedicate them for and spread good teaching to people. “We are deeply thankful that the agenda of IMM Bersinergi went extremely went for the past one month, especially this social action that becomes the unique point that IMM is not separated from the society; we should serve people and spread good teaching,” he said.

The Social Action took the theme of Kesederhanaan yang Menyatukan Kita was started with a religious lecture in TPA, Pengajian Akbar Masyarakat, Ramah Tamah, and PasarSembakoMurah (Cheap Groceries Market), in which the money gathered from the selling, would be delivered toward the people of DusunPakel and was used for the development of the village. PasarSembakoMurahwas also enlivened by performance of the children of DusunPakel and the team of IMM Bersinergi in order to liven up the event, that was carried out for two days.

One of the residents, KH Abdul Qodir who attended the event expressed his deep appreciation towards the students of UAD who were willing to come to DusunPakel and to care about the village and people condition. He also added that the spirit of charity and perseverance should always be within in our heart like a victory as written in QS An-Nashr.

“The hope of IMM Bersinergi, which was started with an event of National Photography Contest (LombaFotografiNasional), Tabligh Akbar, Public Figure Discussion (DiskusiTokoh), Islam Psychology Talk show (TalkshowPsikologi Islam), and was concluded with this Social Action, could strengthen the identity of IMM character that had the principle of intellectuality, humanity, and religiosity, which was summed up within IMM Bersinergi,” said Lady Farhana, the Chairman of IMM Commissariat of Psychology UAD. (lady) (dzar)