General Chairman of Muhammadiyah Central Executive: Muslims Must Continue to Fight, Don’t Stop

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Sunday, March 08, 2015 12:08 WIB

Metro– Din Syamsuddin, the General Chairman of Muhammadiyah Central Executive, inaugurated Muhammadiyah Business Centre (MBC) in Metro, Lampung and signed the nine inscriptions charitable efforts of Muhammadiyah. The inauguration was located in the complex area of Muhammadiyah General Hospital Metro, Lampung, which was also attended by Lukman Hakim, the Mayor of Metro, and thousands of Muhammadiyah Metro, Saturday (7/3).

In his speech, Din reminded that Muslims should have an active spiritual attitude. "Active, dynamic, and progressive spiritual as the nature and character of Muhammadiyah, it should be owned by every Muslim individual," he said.

According to him, Muslims should not be passive, just doing dzikir alone at home and not being productive at all for the people. "Our dzikir and shalat should produce the practices that are beneficial to the people, so that after shalat, we can come out of what we can do for the people, one of them is in the economy field," said Din.

However, Muslims should not be too proud of the achievements that already existed and stopped fighting. Muslims had to continue to fight, not stopping.

"To nap isonly moved from one job to another," said Din.

MBCwas built with hope to become the lifeblood of the Muhammadiyah economy as well to participate and contribute to help the continuity of the da’wah of Muhammadiyah Incorporation which certainly the beneficial for the people.

In addition,it also inaugurated schools, mosques, and several charitable efforts of Muhammadiyah that the inaugural inscriptions were signed by Din Syamsuddin.

The event was also attended by Chairman of the Muhammadiyah Provincial Executive Lampung Province, Nurvaif Chaniago, Chairman of Metro City Council, Anna Morinda, chairman of Muhammadiyah Regional Executive Metro, Daud Siddiq, Chairman of 'Aisyiyah Provincial Executive Lampung Province, Munawaroh, Chairman of the Aisiyah Regional Executive Metro City, Enizar.

MBCwas hoped that itcould be a business entity that could compete beat other retail businesses which were already grown and developed in Indonesia.

"We hope that it is not the only one MBC, but then it grows another MBC in Metro particular and Lampung generally," said Din to end his speech. (dzar)