Growing Nationalism - Thousands of New Students of UMSU Wear Batik

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Thursday, September 22, 2011 23:08 WIB

Medan- Muhammadiyah University of South Sumatera (UM­SU) is different this time. The campus parking lot is filled with thousands of new students wearing Batik, complete with their belongings for Student Orientation Program (MPMB) 2011.

MPMB committee, Ronni Dar­ma­wan, explains the opening of MPMB 2011 is conducted at UMSU campus on Ja­lan Mukhtar Basri Medan, Monday (19/9) taking the theme 'nationalism', so new students are obliged to wear Batik on the first day of MP­MB UMSU to grow nationalism.

According to Ronni, the things brought by the students are not the form of plonco (harsh initiation ritual), but a tradition in which new students have to bring unusual things to grow the impression of new students.

“We don't  place a burden on them since the food they bring is for themselves," said Ronni.

UMSU Rector, Agussani MAP, says that Medan is an educated city as expected by Medan Mayor Ra­hud­man Harahap. Therefore  UM­SU is ready and is willing to implement the Mayor's expectation.

"This is Medan Mayor's expectation. Through UMSU, we help apply the expecattion," said Agussani in front of more than 7000 new students.

Great number of new students in academic year 2011/2012 shows great interest of people to UMSU. This achievement is the highest historical pole in the history of UMSU, yet the figure is a challenge for UMSU to increase its educational quality.

Actually, UM­SU keeps improving not only academic but also non academic quality. This will realize by cooperation of all parties at UMSU, starting from students, employees, lecturers, deans, and presidency of the university.

"The Mayor also cares for UMSU. This is proven by road asphalting so that going to campus for students is easier," said Agus­s­ani.

Medan Mayor, Rahud­man Harahap, says UMSU is not the last alternative eduactional institution but a favorite educational institution for new students. This is proven by great number of new students in 2011/2012 academic year.

Through UMSU motto "supreme, smart, and trusty", it needs hard work and roles from all students to implement, starting from learning to appreciate self to growing sense of belonging.

"Students must be able to appreciate lecturers. Appreciating lecturers is a good starting point to get more qualified education. I also don't want to hear violence at UMSU as it happens in other places," said Ra­hudman.

During a welcoming event, the Coordinator of Kopertis (Private Higher Education Coordinator) Region I Sumut/NAD, Prof Na­wa­wi Lubis, and Kepala Dinas Pen­di­dikan (Chief of Education Board) of Kota Medan, Hasan Bas­ri, and all civitas aka­de­mi­a were present.

(trans by hamzah - uhamka)