Muhammadiyah Youth Association holds National Congress on Developed Student in Surakarta

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Monday, March 02, 2015 21:16 WIB

Surakarta– Central Executive of Muhammadiyah Students Association held a congress (National Working Meeting) for two days on Saturday (28/2) - Sunday (1/3). The event was attended by 140 participants from Regional Chairman of Aceh to Papua.

Located in Hotel Ramayana ofMuhammadiyah University of Surakarta, the 2015 congress presented the theme "Consolidation of the organization, Formulating Strategic Agenda towards Developed Indonesia ". The congress itself was held after the Muktamar was carried out in Jakarta in November last year.

MuhammadKhairul Huda, the Chairman of Muhammadiyah Students Association, explained "There are three main agendas discussed in the congress, namely the delivery of the vision and mission for the next two years, second, preparing strategic issues of Muhammadiyah students. And the last is the agenda of the joint action," he said on Sunday (1/3).

Individualaction agenda included making the Muhammadiyah Youth Association as a creative home. First, producing scholarly discourse literacy, fighting the corruption, drugs, and cigarettes. Second, utilizing social media. Indonesia's social media users reached 36 million, Muhammadiyah Youth Association used it to make massive evolving discourse. Third, digitalizing media. Muhammadiyah Youth Association had several guide authorship, proselytizing students, advocacy, and gender. It would be created in the form of android and/or PDF that could be disseminated to students throughout Indonesia. The fourth one was a creative and meaningful action. The shape of the product as was done by Muhammadiyah Youth Association Jember which acted with a bike riding from Jember to Jakarta for the anti-corruption campaign. And the last one was internationalization movement. Muhammadiyah Youth Association itself hadever received an award as the best organization in Southeast Asia. The top of all, Muhammadiyah Youth Association would hold a conference for students throughout the world to sit together to bring the issue of peace. As issues in the Middle East conflict casualties reported, the students who were victims were rarely reported by the media.

Muhammadiyah Youth Associationhad a level structure which included the sub district ogf schools, villages, orphanages, mosques and then it rose to the district level. Then it covered the area or district municipality and province-level region. The age member was between  24 to 18 years old.

In Indonesia,the number of members of the Muhammadiyah Youth Association reached 210 thousand. In its journey, Muhammadiyah Youth Association turned into Muhammadiyah Adolescent Association. It was because on the first era of the new order of school organization there was only one that is student council. However,in 2008 in Solo, it changed again into the Muhammadiyah Youth Association. (Dzar)