Muhammadiyah Youth Council Urges Tony Abbott to Apologize

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Thursday, February 26, 2015 19:36 WIB

Jakarta -- Muhammadiyah YouthCouncil which consists of Muhammadiyah Youth, Muhammadiyah College Students Association, and Muhammadiyah Student Association voiced their attitude to the statement of Prime Minister Tony Abbott of "barter" of tsunami Aceh aid with the execution of the death penalty for its citizens. Muhammadiyah Youth Council requested that the Australian Prime Minister had to publicly apologize for his remarks to the Indonesian government because it was considered to be unfounded and it destroyed human values.

The statement was delivered by Muhammad Fakhruddin, Chairman of the Foreign Relations of Youth Muhammadiyah Central Executive, when leading a protest in front of the Australian Embassy Jl. Rasuna Said, Jakarta, Wednesday (25/2). Fakhruddin said, it was not ethical for the head of the State government of Australia to leverage assistance given, just for the sake of the punishment of the two of its citizens who committed crimes, "It's like swapping tsunami victims with two criminals," he said. The action was attended by hundred cadres of Central Muhammadiyah YouthCouncilby bringing a variety of posters criticism, as well as speeches alternately. (mac)

Here'sthe fullstatementof Muhammadiyah YouthCouncil;


In connection with the statement of the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who stated that the Australian Government had been helped by $ 1 billion to the Government of Indonesia to the Tsunami disaster in 2004, and concerned and requested the Government of Indonesia to reply Australian-favor by meeting the demand for the Australian Government to cancel the execution of the death penalty against two Australian drug kingpin namely, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, had insulted Indonesia, and had not respected the sovereignty of Indonesia as an independent State.

Dengan ini Angkatan Muda Muhammadiyah menyatakan sikap sebagai berikut:

Withthis Muhammadiyah Youth Council expressed the following:

Statement ofPrime Minister Tony Abbott who requested the Government of Indonesia to reply-indebted for assistance ever given for Tsunami disaster, had destroyed the meaning of empathy and sympathy in the care of universal human values;

TonyAbbott as equating "value" Tsunami disaster with a drug crime committed by the two citizens, so he felt deserved to be appreciated by means of the release of the two drug dealers;

We urged Australia PrimeMinister Tony Abbott to apologize directly to the Government of Indonesia;

We urgedPresident Joko Widodo to immediately execute the death penalty against Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran;

We urged the PresidentJoko Widodo to withdraw the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in Australia;

We urged theIndonesian government to sever diplomatic relations with the Government of Australia, if the above demands are ignored by the Australian Government.

Thus,our demands were likelyconsidered by Governments of Australia and Indonesia, on behalf of the people of Indonesia.



Jakarta, February 25th, 2014



(Muhammadiyah Youth Council - IMM, HDI, Muhammadiyah Youth)