University has major role in creating creative and innovative generation: UHAMKA

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Wednesday, September 21, 2011 13:35 WIB


Jakarta - Extraordinary Professor University of Muhammadiyah Prof. DR. HAMKA (UHAMKA), Prof. Dr. Hj. Sylviana Murni, SH. M.Sc., gave a public lecture to 2105 new students UHAMKA on last September 19, 2011 at FKIP Campus Pasar Rebo. East Jakarta.

In her scientific oration entitled Building Creative and Innovative Young Generation, Prof. Sylviana Murni asserted that college has a major role in the effort to build creative and innovative younger generation. Through this higher education young people would gain a wide range of faith-based science and general knowledge.

"A country will be great if it is supported by its young people who realize that education is important to them. Through this educational institution, creative and innovative spirit will emerge,” she said.

According to Sylviana, government should provide greater opportunities to the younger generation to obtain their education in order to realize the creative and innovative spirit for the sake of the ongoing national development. It was because education is the key to advancing this nation.

The former Mayor of Central Jakarta was very confident in the potential of Indonesian young generation. Due they were a group of imaginative, creative and innovative. In addition, they also always wanted to try something new, it was difficult to be restrained and always thirsty for success. Unfortunately, their potential was often not used optimally. Their potential tends to be used to mobilize the interests of certain elite.

Therefore, Prof. Sylviana expected the government to recognize and immediately optimize the potential of young generation for the sake of the national development process. "National development is a continuation to the advance of life the nation. Smart and creative young generation is nation’s main capitals, as well as a sensitivity of mind, high imagination, curiosity and to be able to find or create new things," she said.

In another part of her scientific oration, Prof. Sylviana Murni said that college was an institution in the country that gave birth to many professional in various fields. The output of these professional colleges was desperately needed by the business and industry. Therefore the relationship between industry and education were absolutely essential. Between the two needed each other.

So that both could run well, Professor. Sylviana expected our professionals from the universities to improve the quality of themselves with a variety of creative and innovative ideas. This was very important in the effort to win the competition are more stringent inter-corporate world.

Creative and innovative spirit, continued Prof.. Sylviana could only be obtained when the younger generation were able to go out from its surroundings, with a strong sting disciplined, committed, honest, independent and reality.

Creative and innovative spirit is not easy obtained. It needs a winding road and patience to make the two happen. However, Prof. Sylviana was optimistic, Indonesia still has young generation who are creative and innovative spirit in realizing its goals.

"Indonesia's young generation has a considerable potential to develop a repertoire of knowledge through hard work and persistence. Only with hard work, tenacity and persistence this nation will grow into a great nation and be able to catch up on all aspects of life. Therefore, younger generation should not feel so pessimistic, "said Prof.. Sylviana (

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