Muhammadiyah Youths Encouraged People Fight Against Corruption

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Wednesday, February 11, 2015 20:16 WIB

Jakrta – The action to support Corruption Eradication Commission (KomisiPemberantasanKorupsi/KPK) from various elements of organization kept going on. The Central Executive of Muhammadiyah Youth held a National Declaration on Mass Movement against Corruption (GerakanBerjamaahLawanKorupsi), which was held on the office yard of Muhammadiyah Central Executive, JalanMenteng Raya 62 Jakarta, on last Sunday (02/08).

In the mass movement against corruption, they also did a petition signing as a proof to support KPK. All members of Muhammadiyah Youth wore a red T-shirt with “BerjamaahLawanKorupsi” {Together against Corruption} written on it, while on the back side, it was written “Madrasah Anti Korupsi” (Anti-corruption School). Muhammadiyah Youth encouraged people in general to fight against corruption, which already made people and the nation suffered a great loss.

“If corruption could be done in a mass, why shouldn’t we also do a mass fight against corruption,” said the Chairman of Muhammadiyah Youth, DahnilAnzarSimanjuntak.

The citizens should do something to fight against corruption. He made an example that corruption could lead to people’s malnutrition, skyrocketing price of nine basic commodities, and undermanaged infrastructure.

Muhammadiyah Youth, said Dahnil, would focus on fighting against corruption and supporting KPK. He also affirmed that his side was against the criminalization of KPK Commissary Members. “Destroying KPK means they are against the eradication of corruption,” he explained.

The Vice Chairman of KPK, BambangWidjajanto, who was also present on the event, thought that this action was a positive movement to support the anti-corruption spirit.

“The Chairman of Muhammadiyah Youth is writing a history by launching a mass program against corruption and building an anti-corruption school,” said Bambang on his speech in front of hundreds of Muhammadiyah Youth members.

Bambang added that in 1928, a group of youths declared that there would be a country named Indonesia. Today, the Chairman of PP PemudaMuhammadiyah was writing the same history. In his speech, Bambang stated that there will be a country named Indonesia where there will be no corruption.

Muhammadiyah Youth, he added, did not only write a history. They were also implementing the values conceived by KH Ahmad Dahlan in the establishment of Muhammadiyah. Bambang hoped that the social empowerment movement would spread further, not only within PP Muhammadiyah. (dzar)