Increasing the Capacity for Public Service, PKU Muhammadiyah Jogja Launches a Website

Author : Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah | Sunday, September 18, 2011 07:50 WIB


Yogyakarta- To increase its capacity in public service, PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital of Yogyakarta launches a website The launch of new website is aimed to give more information access on the hospital to people that finally can tighten silaturahim (brotherhood).

That was stated by a staff PR of the hospital, Eka Budy Santoso, in his office on  Jl. KHA Dahlan No.20, Yogyakarta, Thursday (15/09/2011). In this information and technology era, according to Eka, it is a proper time for PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital to start developing information system that is easily accessed and educational. “With information technology like website supported by newsletter, information concerning service and superiority of the hospital can be more accepted by people," he said. A lot of articles from the specilaized doctors of the hospital, according to Eka, will also be a part of the content to give right health education to people.  “Wider access to health nowadays can also give negative impact. People will be bombarded with information that is not absolutely correct, especially about health education. That's why our website will put a lot of articles and information on health written by experts in order that people get correct information," said Eka.

According to the former general treasurer of Muhammadiyah Student Association, PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital of Yogyakarta will also develop its information in a social network being trendy in society nowadays. “Smartphone technology being favored by the young and adults become a basis of information service of PKU Muhammadiyah hospital because the access is easy and lots of people feel comfortable to access information through social network sites".

Eka says that years ago PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital of Yogyakarta actually started to make and manage its website, but due to technical problems and limited human resources, the website could not give maximal contribution in terms of information.  “That's why with our recent website, we commit to provide maximal information to public and to be more open to interact," he said. In developing information technology, according to Eka, the hospital will not neglect the service because the information published is the real description of the hospital. "Information available to public is the real description of the hospital. That's why health service that is the core of business becomes the responsibility of PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital to keep improving," said he.

In developing and managing the website, the hospital cooperates with Literature and Information Council (MPI) of Muhammadiyah Central Executive through management and editorial of Muhammadiyah website. “In developing and managing the website, we involve a competent party because we want maximal result for public. We cooperate with MPI through its management and website editorial for all making and management process," said Eka. To manage the website, Eka says that a team from the hospital will do some preparation, among other, getting IT knowledge about website administration through some training. Thereby, the website administration can be done more optimally and consistently.

Eka, an alumnus of SMA Muhammadiyah 4 Yogyakarta, says that the realization of the website cannot be separated from the full support of PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital Management. “We express our gratitude to some parties such as board of directors who has given full support and input and website team of PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital who has done the job. There are still many weaknesses in this website, but with consistency and support from many parties, it can keep developing to be better in the future," he said. The website contains various contents such as information and activity news of the hospital, health articles, information on excellent medical service, health clinic, doctors' schedule, information on facility, information on 24-hour service, and other information concerning PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital of Yogyakarta.

(trans by hamzah - uhamka)